Saturday, January 30, 2016

In Search of Light

When I exegeted the prologue of John's Gospel a fortnight ago, I felt a sense of exhilaration as the Spirit of the Lord swept over me. The light is coming into the world and the darkness cannot prevent it...I had such an incredible sense of joy that moment that I saw the light and indeed in Your light we shall see light. Speaking of light, electricity supply is still a problem in Ranau district.  This morning the lights went out at 9.15am and I thought to myself perhaps there would be light in Namaus so I made the 25 min trip to the Bible College. I went there for a reason as I wanted to see for myself how many dined in for lunch.
We had asked the cooks to prepare breakfast and lunch on Saturdays from today to make it easier for students to sleep in a little and not have to rush to cook breakfast on Saturdays. From Monday to Friday the students are expected to rise at 5am for morning prayer devotions. There was light at Namaus and I managed to ponder over my sermon tomorrow on the grace of God towards sinners based on Ephesians 2,1-10. After lunch at College the lights went out at 1pm so I thought it's time to return to Ranau per chance the power was back up then. I reached Ranau just after 1.3pm and lo and behold there was light. Even as the first day of creation God said, let there be light.

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