Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pressing On & Principalship

After exactly 48 hours in KK for some personal business I was back in Ranau at 7.10am in time to open the church doors. The two students were already waiting at the footpath and one greeted me, "pastor!" The greeting lifted my spirit after the 90 mins of early morning drive and what had transpired in KK. Let the dead bury the dead but you preach the kingdom of heaven. Twice I was offline in Namaus where the Bible College is located, for a purpose. If I had attended the calls I would have rushed back to KK and missed two crucial meetings. I preached a message on Thursday night, the first as Acting Principal and the Lord moved powerfully in His Word. I knew I had to establish my authority by the power of God's Word in front of the whole College community.
For the first time the new students and their families heard me preached. Today I preached a similar message in church today with less effect though I was pretty happy with the attendance. More families choose the 2nd service now out of necessity because with the student numbers, the first service is no longer comfortable for many. We will continue to press on to find a larger space to hold our services.

The ministry at College moves a breath-taking speed largely due to the lack of preparation for the commencement of the new academic year. For a College to succeed the Principal should stay long term, 10 years or more. TTC's principal is in his 15th year as principal. Seremban STM's principal just retired after 14 years. And STS' principal in KK must have set a record for Asia. He was principal for 27 years from 1988 to 2014. All these are well established and respected theological institutions.

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