Monday, January 18, 2016

Teaching Greek 3 & Hermeneutics

When I arrived at my desk this morning I saw my name beside the Greek 3 course starting today at 8.30 am.  I thought I had insisted to teach not more than one paper but the Academic Dean felt I was the only one able to offer Greek at a higher level beyond two semesters of elementary Greek. Not wanting to stamp my authority I humbly submitted to my colleagues' request and rushed to the Chapel for the 25min long service before classes begin at 8.30 am.  As I had no time to prepare I asked my staff to photocopy the first page of John's Gospel in NA 27th edition which I bring with me everywhere I go. I have the 28th edition in my church's office and the larger print in the latest edition may help someone like me.
So for 3 hours I explained the Greek text of John 1,1-6. I found out that the 32 students in Year 3 class had done only half of Wenham's textbook translated into Indonesian Malay. It will be hard going for many but it gives me a chance to re-teach the students Greek grammar using the text of the fourth Gospel. Thankfully the students seemed enthusiastic enough to bear with me but the feedback was generally positive. Tomorrow I have to teach Hermeneutics and only this afternoon I had a chance to borrow a few books from the library and read. Then in the afternoon I will chair the 3rd Faculty meeting and there are many things to discuss besides teaching and classroom matters.

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