Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Lampstand is Removed

The sign is ominous. This evening I removed my Jerusalem menorah from my church office to my car, ready to be transported to my College office tomorrow morning. Most of my books are also in my car and where my books are, there I shall be. Perhaps in this time of transition, my life is like my books, always on the move, no resting place, no permanent address. I told my elders I was prepared to relinquish my pastorate as it is no longer conscionable to draw the usual salary while most of my time is spent in College. I will leave it in the hands of God to determine my future. When one is open to what God has in mind to do, the possibilities are endless. Only this afternoon I had to leave the College early as one not so regular church member called and asked me to pray for her newly opened shop in a new area. We got talking over late lunch and I sensed this could be the place for a new church, though it is just over 1km from the main Secondary school. All we need to do is buy a large enough van or mini bus to ferry the students back and forth while the keen ones could walk under the early morning sun.

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