6 Hours

In about 6 hours' time my job is truly over. But could it be really over so soon? I am now attending the rehearsal of the End of the Semester's Closing service. As usual the students are still very energetic and we expect much to happen tonight. I was told that it is customary for the Principal (or Acting) to give a speech and so I have prepared my script for tonight with powerpoint. I don't want emotions to get better of me and forget what I want to say. As I peered through my office window into the Chapel, I felt a tinge of sadness mixed with joy even as I read John 16 this afternoon. This could be my last service with my College community.
Despite the faculty meeting earlier this morning suggesting that they hold a farewell service for me on 28th June 2016 when the 2nd Semester begins, but I may be gone long before that. So I am soaking in my last few hours at College on active duty. On Saturday I travel for ministry in another District, 2 hours' drive away. Then I am back in KK late Sunday before travelling again to Long Mio next Friday about 7 hours' drive from KK. From KK to Sipitang (3 hours) and another 4 hours to the church at the South-East border of Sabah near Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. It will be a District level meeting and I am expecting at least 800 people to turn up. Whatever you ask in my Name I will do it so that your joy may be full.


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