Friday, May 6, 2016

Four Months On

Today marks my four months in office as I pressed on in service for several more weeks before my tenure expires. Yesterday I received news from my denomination's leaders that the College's proposed Curriculum 2017 has been approved and will be put into place by January 2017. At least our 9 sessions during our 2 full days' Retreat last March have not been in vain. I am polishing yet again my lectures on Trinity while trying to use social media to promote the event. As I don't have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I am using mostly whatsapp and emails to friends near and far. We expect 300 people to turn up for our Open Day but we will be prepared for larger crowds by the will of the Lord.
Yesterday I visited our Melangkap Campus with a colleague, the place I started my full-time ministry in 1994. This Sunday we have a special intercessory prayer-session after the Sunday service for the Open Day cum 51st Anniversary celebrations. There is much logistics and planning involved as the events are followed by a Sports Carnival with an expected 30 to 40 teams for various sports coming from all over Sabah including Sarawak. As it will be a 5-day event from the Open Day I plan to take a short break after the students have returned to their villages for their vacation before embarking on a mini preaching tour in two Districts from 28-29 May and 3-5 June, Long Mio near the Kalimantan border to the South of Sabah among the Lundayeh communities.

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