Friday, May 13, 2016

International Bible Contest

While reading a couple of Jewish newspapers in honour of Israel's Independence Day today I came across an event organized to celebrate Independence Day, namely the International Bible Contest.  I was challenged to see how I myself will fare in such a contest and was stirred to read my Bible more thoroughly from now on. I will read a chapter from all 7 parts of the Bible each day. Three parts from the Old Testament and four parts from the New Testament.
 Torah, ketuvim, neviim, Gospel, Narrative historiography (Acts), letters and Apocalypse. For the Gospel, I will read two chapters a day, starting with Luke since I am teaching the Gospel of Luke next Semester. I hope to introduce bible quizzes every week next semester, Bible comprehensive exams each semester and a major one each year and one final one before graduation.  That might actually get theological students reading the Bible!

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