Monday, May 23, 2016

Job Done

My job is done. I preached the 2nd and final 51st College anniversary sermon yesterday on Isaiah 30,20 "Your eyes will see your teachers". The Hebrew moreyka could be singular or plural; if it is singular it may refer to God as teacher or if it is plural, a restoration of prophets as teachers of God's people at the end time. I preached from Isaiah 29,11 and pleaded for the College community to read God's word with God's help and cited 1 Cor 2 where Paul says that the Spirit will interpret spiritual things to spiritual people. My job is done. I lectured on the One and Triune God on the Open to about 200 people including a few Central council members and District Superintendents.
The attendance was less than I hoped for but for the inaugural Open Day it was a good start. When I chaired the TTC committee on the Open day in 2012, we drew 135 people out of which 12 students from those who attended the TTC Open Day enrolled as full time students the following year. A number of leaders came from other denominations and it was a good sign of future cooperation between churches or denominations in the Ranau district. My job is done. I am down in KK for a couple of days for rest and recuperation. I testified how I lost weight but fed on angels' food and drank from the fount of the Holy Spirit. I never had a busier 3 weeks in my life with preaching, travelling to Sandakan and back and chairing and attending meetings. But now my future is in your hands O Lord. I have no desire but to follow Your leading and go where Your glory dwells.

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