Friday, May 27, 2016


It was an apt finale. We started at 7.45pm and ended our Semester's Closing Service at 10.15pm. No one moved until the closing prayer despite wearied by exertions during the 3-day sports carnival. A few people were nursing bruises and aches but all came with a smile and we had a celebratory service. I gave my closing speech at the start and I must have spoken for 15 minutes, one of my longest speeches since this could be my farewell address to my colleagues and students. I spoke about the tug of war event the day before and how that taught me a spiritual lesson that it was by unity of purpose and each giving his utmost in focus and strength that we could achieve success and victory.  I could see that it struck a chord with both faculty and students when I mentioned that. I shared a verse from 1 Cor 12,26 that if one member is honoured the whole body rejoices and how important it is for us to rejoice in our victories when God exalts his servants especially the leaders of the College.
I mentioned how David was loved and honoured even before he became king when he defeated Israel's enemies he was celebrated with tambourine dances by the virgins of Israel in exuberance.  Then I gave some advice about making use of the one month holidays and how we should exercise self control, live uprightly and avoid sins especially fornication and impurities of the flesh. I also exhorted the College community to read the Bible and if one week is given for one book of the Bible they would have covered 4 biblical books in the vacation.  Finally as I am going to teach an MA course on church growth, the 7 dynamics of church growth according to the Acts of the Apostles in the middle of June and graduating BTh students are allowed to take up the course and use the credits for their future study. I told them I have followed John Wesley's advice to preach each time as if it is my last sermon,  so I will teach one last time at College since by July only God knows where I will be for where I am there my servant shall be. He who serves me will be where I am and him My Father will honour (John 12 paraphrase)

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