Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ready 4 War

Today I read all four passages meditatively upon which I shall preach 4 consecutive sessions from Friday night to Sunday morning. The first session is the toughest since I would have travelled for 7 hours and normally the welcoming and hospitality from my Christian brothers will consume most of my time when I reach the village. I am expecting at least 500 people to turn up from the surrounding villages. It is getting ready for war, a spiritual warfare to call God's people back to God and to rededicate their lives unto Him. It can only be done in the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. O Lord anoint your servant afresh with your mighty power.
I keep in touch with my College family through our whatsapp group. I miss them, living in their midst for almost 5 months, three meals a day and worshipping and serving together. It will be hard to leave them and I will do evrything possible to stay and since my service and ministry of teaching is much needed in their midst and many students recognized that and pleaded with me not to go away. But a soldier is normally in his teens or 20s, and the commanders in their 30s and early 40s. I am way past that I can't go to war no longer. But I will give it my final hurray and launch once more into enemy's territory and free as many souls as possible from the clutch of the devil.

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