Booklet on Trinity

In the 10th year since the publication of my monograph on Revelation, I have published an essay in a book edited by two American Professors (more on this). But now I am waiting in a cafe for the printing of my booklet on Trinity, 12 pages in all of about 5,500 words. In it I looked at the passages on the teaching of God as One and God as Trinity. For every sub-topic I could write a long essay but this essay is meant to be delivered over 2 sessions of 40 minutes at the College Open House on 21st May 2016. So I entitled it in English (the essay is in Malay), The One & Triune God: A Brief Exegetical and Theological Analysis. If you around Ranau at that time, please join us. It will be a cracker, God willing.
I understand from my colleagues that after the opening lectures, there will be songs and dance with the lecturers' price for a song at RM50.00 an item. We hope to raise funds for the College. So far we have raised RM15,000 for a family quarters and we still need another RM15,000.00 to start the building process. At least 10 students with families live in run-down plywood-built dwellings, meant for temporary workers. Once one house is built and we get the ball rolling, we plan to build 30 new houses. There will be more students with families coming to study with the College as the pastors return to upgrade their Diploma to degree programmes.


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