Sunday, May 1, 2016

Labour Day Weekend

I have a restful weekend. Glad to be spared preaching after a tense Friday morning Chapel's service. I was surprised that there was no mention of Labour Day in church today. We used to have a tradition of honouring our pastors and full-time workers on Labour Day or the Sunday following it. I bought myself new NKJV Bible large print and inscribed on it Jesus' saying "The labourer is worthy of his wages." (Luke 10,7). Yesterday I did work half day, polishing my essay on the One and Triune God. I got some references from the local seminary library. Back in Namaus I could hardly find a single book on Trinity in English. But tomorrow being a holiday I will have a leisurely drive back to Namaus with my wife. It will be busy busy from word go.
It is only 19 days before the Open Day and we have many events planned. First, revision week and our home groups are just finishing our programmes with my group having an outing on Wednesday at Poring Hotspring. I took my Singaporean friends there last October and they absolutely loved it. Then I have to start writing the response to the Asian Theological Association 7-page report on what they expect of the College to accomplish for the next 5 years. After that I must start writing on my two SBL papers. I am teaching an MA course on church growth based on Acts in mid June and hopefully by then everything is set for my trip to Seoul.

Today at church after service I relaxed with my homechurch leaders, the church I pastored for 63 months. We chatted for an hour on American politics and local issues. The church had an offering for the College this morning and I received some encouragement that several leaders expressed the hope I would stay on at the College. One awkward question came from a deacon, "Why just Acting?" He did not know my tenure was coming to an end in June. There was a dead silence for a while but everything was back to normal when I explained in a quiet voice that the Pusat was still considering my future and the College's. And we will leave it in the hands of the good Lord.

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