Thursday, May 12, 2016

Next Year in Jerusalem

I have this 33-year dream of visiting Jerusalem and it is still the wish that next year I shall be in Jerusalem, if possible on Jerusalem Day, 28th Iyyar commemorating Jerusalem's Unification under Israeli rule in 1967. Next year is especially significant as it will be Jerusalem's Golden Jubilee, its 50th Year. What a time to visit Jerusalem and spend at least a week or two in the city of the Lord. I have a whole year to plan for this. I shared with my students last night on our intercessory prayers from Psalms 37 (Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall grant your heart's desire; Lord, my desire is to visit the holy land). Tonight at sun set, Israel celebrates her 68th Year of Independence on 5th Iyyar (Western Calendar 14th May 1948).
I wish all Israelites, Jews in Israel and in diaspora and all spiritual Jews like myself, in one olive tree, Jesus Christ the root, even the root of Jesse, the bright morning Star, the king of Israel.

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