Monday, May 16, 2016

Sandakan Trip

As the Semester draws to a close, a hive of activities brings the curtain down on an eventful first half of the year with my College community. We drove 4 hours from Namaus to Sandakan on Saturday for Sunday service and back on Sunday evening, another 4 hours' drive. But the joy of the Holy spirit sustained me and the 4 students who traveled with me. We had close fellowship with the SIB leaders over afternoon tea and dinner on Saturday and over breakfast and lunch on Sunday. But the service went a bit wayward but praise God that I did not let it distract my sermon. At the end the whole church was blessed. I preached on the Pentecost Feast from Deut 16 and highlighted that the people of God were reminded to take care of the Levites among others on the said Feast. Then I looked at Ezekiel 44, 30-31 and wondered what might have happened to the priests if God's people did not bring the first fruits and offered them to the priests.
I challenged the church in Sandakan to honour pastors and full time church workers in their midst and in SIB we have 380 pastors serving full time in the State of Sabah in about 300 churches out of 580 local churches. Then I spoke on the Holy Spirit from Romans 8:26 how the Spirit is given to help us in our weakness and let us not boast in ourselves, in titles or positions in church. I shared my experience how I received the Holy Spirit 34 years ago. I challenged the church to seek the Lord for church growth as I see that the church is only 2/3 full with 200 seating capacity. Surely they could fill up the church since Sandakan is full of people, aliens, and foreigners.

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