Marvels of Modern Printing

After resting whole day yesterday I came down at 5pm and lo and behold a parcel caught my eye. No wonder Amazon founder is one of the richest men on earth. In less than 2 weeks my new UBS5TH Greek and NIV edition arrived at my table. I marvelled at modern printing. It's more than 1,700 pages but I can hold it in one hand and the Greek text and English NIV read side by side. I have been reading it non stop and NIV for beginning English readers is definitely one of the easiest to read translations in the market. I can now teach both Greek and English by using this handy edition.
I must be suffering from post war trauma. For me my College months have been war time. I had to get up unusually early. Yesterday at the relative comfort of home I got up at 4.30 am with my brain wired to get up at this time in College. But twice in the day I went back to sleep. My war is over. I am waiting for the next assignment and fight the next battle.


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