Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Christ's Knocking

This is my third day teaching and my energy levels are recharged by the day. This morning I thought I left early for class to beat the traffic but I found the front gates locked and I could not enter the class. Only last night I indicated to my students that I would be ready to teach at 7am (hint hint­čśü) but the starting time was 8.30 am and with some reluctance from the course coordinator I managed to get the class to agree to start 15 mins early in the morning and 15 mins early at night. I thought I might not teach an 30 hour course in the next 10 years so I am giving it my best shot and students won't get short changed for the lack of teaching hours.
As it is taught at our HQ I felt many eyes are on me but the full time worker coordinator my immediate superior at the HQ level encouraged me and said this time round there were many students. I did not how many students registered for the previous course but last night over late supper the course coordinator told me that it's more than doubled. Previously only 15 students were enrolled but in my class we have 33 students. Even the HQ clerk told me that my estimate was correct to print 35 sets of  notes and none had gone wasted. The interest is high and students listened in rapt attention. Last night I fasted with no dinner before class and I went for almost 2 and a half hours with a short break in between and words just flowed out of my lips, all in good Malay. Praise be the Lord! This morning 4 hour session I will begin my lectures of Rev 10-14, some of the toughest chapters. My external examiner Cambridge University Reader (Associate Professor) mentioned in his examination report that my thesis focused on the most difficult section of Revelation, the most difficult book of the Bible. It is glory for kings to search things out and now I am imparting God given wisdom to my students to interpret the mystery of the end times. Who is wise and knows the  interretation of a thing? A man's wisdom makes his face shines and the sterness of his face shall be changed (Ecclesiastes 8:1). As I reflected why the door was locked and I had to drive to a nearby restaurant to wait I felt the Lord spoke to me..."I stand at the door and knock if any man listens to me and opens the door I will come to him and will dine with him and he with me (Rev 3:20).