Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sun Rose

The sun rose when I reached Mount Kinabalu giving it a golden glow just like when the morning sun rose on the Temple of God on Mount Zion 2000 years ago. May the Temple be built in my generation.  Then I saw dense white clouds beneath me covering Ranau as with a canopy. It is like Lord smiling on Ranau and her peoples. Perhaps it is more of the Lord showing me a sign for good that He still wants me to be in Ranau. I don’t know how long I can keep this up in my mid 50s driving before dawn and later when I reach Namaus I will lecture on NT theology.
I told my friend yesterday that you can count with the fingers of one hand those who can lecture the Bible in good Malay. Many Koreans come our way and when they lecture in Korean and translated in broken Malay it is not a pleasant sight but hands up for great efforts. Our nascent BTheol graduates with little biblical exegesis not to say they do not have knowledge. Last year after a three year diploma they only did one NT book with me on Romans and that is hardly enough to train effective pastors. My prayers are that my health holds up and with encouragement of my wife and friends I will keep ascending the hills of Tamparuli and Mount Kinabalu and descends into Ranau and Namaus in search of the Lord’s sheep and to feed them on hills and valleys.

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