Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mountain Man

When I reached Mount Kinabalu today the song that came up was one of my favourites and I felt the Lord’s presence strong through the 5 minute rendition until the next town in Kundasang. The lyrics of the song read “I give You thanks O Lord that I could do Your will”. When I said goodbye to my wife this morning I told my wife that it was God’s will that I served Him up in Ranau. This is my fourth year and my times are in Your hands O Lord. Up the mountain just at that moment perhaps I have become like a mountain man.
For the first two years I had kind of counted that I drove at least 100 times back and forth within18 months. I have lost count and I don’t know whether I have reached 200 but certainly 150 times would be a conservative estimate. The mountain man is up Mount Zion with the Lord. He has a vantage view of the world down below. As long as I obey the Lord and do his will He will speak and guide me. Lord grant me an obedient heart. Heal my pride and subdue any desire that is not of You. Let me take delight only in You and not in myself or my achievements or the manifold blessings you have allowed me to enjoy. A mountain man lives on rarified air and thinness of oxygen. I have learned to live humbly, at times in abundance, at times in wants. I have taken warm showers and bathed in cold rain water. I have driven 7 hours to preach the Gospel and for most times the Lord was present in his power. May I know His resurrection power and enter into the fellowship of his sufferings in 2018.

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