Sunday, January 21, 2018

Teaching the book of Revelation

If my battered body could survive another 24 hours I will probably be teaching the book of Revelation tomorrow, God willing. Fatigue is not something easy to shake off with other ailments besides but the thought of teaching Revelation at a BTh level is enticing and spirit reviving. It is comforting to know that the apostle Paul soldiered on in Galatian ministry despite taken ill or struggling with ailments. To think of it, this is the first time teaching a 30 hour course on Revelation at a degree level in Sabah since 2003 or 2004. I taught Revelation at MDiv level at a Seminary in Klang Valley in 2007 before my move to Singapore in 2008 where I taught Revelation twice at MDiv level and once a Diploma night course over 8 weeks.
Conducting a weekend seminar of 10 hours or so lectures is different from an academic level course over 30 hours. First, the readings and assessment plus exams. I hope my students will not be shocked to find out they will sit for an 3 hour exams with essay questions. And there will be a book review and three short papers over three afternoons which they have to submit withn the week. I pray for good health because when I return to College my three course await me especially on Early Church History which I have very little to fall back on in terms of notes.

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