Thursday, January 18, 2018

In the Zone

When you are in the zone you don’t feel anything except focus on what takes your attention. It has been 16 days since I returned to College and this morning I taught my third course for the week on the Gospel of John for year 2, having taught NT theology yesterday to year 4 and Early Church History for year 1. We had nine full services on orientation week and a full day of prayer and fasting. As Chaplain I was in charge of most things and along with consecutive Sundays I had preached 4 times and led prayers for the world and conducted the Lord’s communion. With two heavy duty admin tasks, I got up most days at 4.30am and this morning at 3.30am to prepare for my lectures. Last night I had counselled three male students with a colleague and by the time I reached home at 9pm I had enough and slept just after 10pm.
I have to return to KK to prepare for an 5-day intensive module on Revelation. I have many PowerPoint slides but I have to write up lecture notes from tomorrow onwards as the course starts Monday. Then I have to rush back to College to attend the Sunday night gathering of 20 students with their families. We have monthly meetings for that and we begin end of the month. When you are in the zone as the Spirit bears you up on eagle’s wings you don’t feel anything because borne by the wind of the Holy Spirit but we still live in this earthly tent and though the outer man perishes the inner man is renewed day by day.

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