Friday, January 26, 2018

It’s Done

The 7th angel with the seventh and the last bowl of God’s wrath pours out the bowl and cries out “It’s done!” (Rev 16). At least my lectures on Revelation have ended with exams currently on going. I lectured for 25 hours in 4 days not quite 30 hours but I have reached my limits after a busy fortnight at Namaus. By 31st January I would have lectured for 40 hours on 4 different Subjects and preached 5 times.
That is good returns for a month’s work and it is just the first month of 2018. It is tough to predict where I would be next year so might as well make full use of the time this year. I am eager to return to Namaus to rejoin my students there. There will be classes Monday and Tuesday and on the 1st February Thursday it will be on the Gospel of John. I wonder how February will pan out perhaps easing a little but as the theme of my denomination says “Work while it is still Day” (John 9:4)


  1. There is no unexpected circumstance that exists outside of God’s sovereign control. There is no hard location that is not ruled by your Lord of wisdom, power and grace.

    God bless u more and thanks Ps. Dr. Tony.. 😇