Monday, January 1, 2018

Setting Targets

It is good to set targets, things to do in the New Year in 2018. I am glad I set a target at the beginning of my end of the year holidays. I set out to write a commentary and  I hope to reach 200 pages by the time College reopens next week. I can report that I reached 150 pages and God willing I can get 10 more pages done. Even if I fell short of my 200 page target it is still a satisfactory achievement of 150 pages, three quarters of the target.
I have also promised to pray for the church in Sandakan for 7 days after I returned to KK on Christmas Day and I have fulfilled that. My target for 2018 is to publish at least the first volume of my John’s commentary by year's end if not earlier. Then I would hope to finish the whole Gospel by the next long vacation, if I could escape the Christmas speaking engagements at the end of the year. So volume 2 should be out by 2019. Then I may start to write on a short Pauline letter. I thought of Romans but that would take at least 2 years, so Galatians could be a start to the Pauline corpus. I gave my wife a verse from Psalms this morning as a new Year's gift. She replied from "O the Psalms again". She knows I love the Psalms and I read that almost every morning for the past 35 and a half years.

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