Saturday, January 20, 2018

Christ’s Slaves

In practical terms how do we live our lives as Christ’s slaves? Especially for those who hold positions of authority and leadership. As perhaps the Spirit’s unction is still strong from Namaus or the general excitement of the start of a new year I could not rest for a moment as I got up real early to get work done. Then I drove down to KK at 8.39am but the traffic was fair as Saturday mornings’ traffic tends to peak by 10 or 11am. I took several books to a photocopy Centre to copy reading materials for my course and was told to come back at noon. I proceeded to go to a local Seminary that has a great library and added some references. With my 11inch MacBook Air which I carry around with me most times I managed to get some work done. By 11am I drove to Samsung service centre in another part of town though not too far away to bring my student’s handphone for repairs.
I thought hard and long how to serve my students well. It will be tough for them to take a bus to Namaus just to get the phone fixed in KK. And nowadays phone is an essential item and it is tough for them to wait for the holidays to do such stuff. So I had run errands for my students. I photocopied chapters of books for them, helped them to bank in cash at ATMs, once took delivery of a package at the post Office and drove them to bustops and the like. Well I guess these are the things I do because when asked I find it hard to refuse and I know most requests are fairly desperate or else they would not want to bother their teacher. I also realised it is not only in preaching and teaching but day to day sharing their burdens and joys I serve them as I serve the Lord.

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