Friday, January 19, 2018

Third Sabbath

It is neither sane nor healthy to work 16 days without a sabbath rest. I reached Kota Kinabalu with cracked lips because of the cold weather in Ranau. A few nights I could swear that it was probably below 15 degree Celsius. I also have a sore knee and sore eyes. Cracked lips because of much speaking and dehydration. When one preached 4 hour-long sermons within 8 days and lectured for 9 hours within 4 days I was thankful that I did not fall ill by the grace of God.
Some of colleagues who took half the preaching and work load had called in sick. I have no hesitation that my labours if not apostolic labours like Paul were just as strenuous as a slave of Jesus Christ. I had to empty myself to serve in a place that has many needs but hardly enough qualified workers. One can be despondent when one looks at the needs around you. I apologised several times to the families that had to put up with cramped rooms, hardly fit for habitation but they have to endure worse conditions than me so I work hard for their sakes, my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Now I have to treat my body so that I will be ready for my 30-hour lectures over 5 days beginning next Monday. I bought vitamins B and C. I bought eye lotion to refresh my tired eyes due to the lack of sleep and it only got worse after my drive from Namaus to Kota Kinabalu. Having arrived in KK, I rushed to the HQ to get my course syllabus printed out and tomorrow on Sabbath day I will be preparing for my lectures notes as when Jesus was asked why he worked on Sabbath Day, He says “My Father is working so I am working still”.

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