Friday, October 7, 2022

After the Song, comes Galatians

This morning I designed the cover of my new book on Galatians over 2 hours. Yes, two hours of designing a cover which is not my forte but I am not going to pay anyone to do the work given the circumstances I find myself. I felt a sense of elation completing the first draft of the book, as it has been a total of eight months of work punctuated by preaching ministry that took me to Ranau in May and Ulu Tomani in August. After the Song was revised and completed in March 2022, I began my quest of writing a commentary on Galatians, a book I had not taught officially in my ten-year tenure as a Bible College lecturer, either in Sabah or Singapore. Given the circumstances I find myself in, would I trade this book that I had just written with RM30,000 fixed salary if I had stayed on in my job?

Reflecting on how God had led me over the past year since October 2021, knowing that my days were numbered as an employed pastor of a church, I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction that God knows the best and that I would not exchange my book with a full year salary. This book on Galatians is priceless just as the Gospel is priceless. 

Should I leave Sabah for good, I would not have any regret since my memory and legacy would surely endure with my two Malay commentaries, one on John's Gospel and now on Galatians. I do not know of any Malaysian or anyone for that matter to have written two books each in English (Revelation and the Song) and two books in Malay with the fifth on my life and ministry called, "Departure Points". 

My friend told me over lunch two days ago that I had a good ten years left in me, and I did not tell him that I would want to go on until 80, God willing and health permitting. But I believe in miracles, just as the miracle of the book which I just completed in 7 weeks since I came back from Ulu Tomani. At that time, it was just half way through and I was struggling to make headway and now I am more than contented with what I have accomplished. 

I will take a couple of weeks to re-read and polish the draft and add whatever footnotes necessary. By the end of the month, I hope the first hard copy will be out for me to read and my proof-readers. Barring any unforeseen delay, the manuscript should go into printing by early December with the target of a New Year's publication date. No wonder I have songs on my lips in the past several days, praising the Lord. I know God is with me and when He chooses to bless, it is not just in sufficient measure but in abundance as He is a generous God and a loving Father to all who love Him.

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