Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Book’s Finishing Line

I got a pleasant surprise two days ago with my proofreader texting me that she had read 100 pages of my book in 2 days and will take a day more to finish. Yesterday she sent the manuscript back by courier which I hope to get by tomorrow. i can’t believe how this has worked out on schedule. Since then I had written 25 pages more in my last chapter and an excursus. When I get the manuscript I will do the corrections and check the references but practically the book is near the finishing line and by mid-November if all goes well, my final manuscript could be with my printers.

For the past week or 8 days I realized unless we are in Jesus we can’t do anything. With the Lord’s help I got up at 4.30am and by 6am I was working on my book. Last night I worked past 11.30pm as I watched and followed the news of Rishi Sunak being elected as Conservatives’ Leader and today will be appointed Prime Minister by King Charles III. Remarkable rise of an ethnic Indian born in UK, Oxford graduate and former enployee of Goldman Sachs. He is only 42 years old, the youngest PM in 200 years! May God bless Britain and God save the king.

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