Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Preparing Paper Proposals

Conferences aplenty, but if only I am inspired to write two or three interesting papers. Three of my Conference papers are online and I am thankful that they are well received with a number of scholars communicating with me. Last night and this morning I have been contemplating in my mind what I should present for 2023's Conferences. First, I hope to get started with the Song of Songs since I just published a concise commentary on that. Second, for the book of Revelation, in an Apocylpticism Conference, I shall be proposing a paper on John's use of numbers with the sub-title as "sixes and sevens", if you get what I mean. Then, the third paper is on Galatians since I shall be completing a Galatians commentary by year's end, God willing. It will be just on one verse in Galatians 4 about keeping days. I hope to write something succinct that can be presented as a short paper within 20 minutes. By I hope to get more air time for my first two papers on the Song and Revelation. I will write the papers in full as soon as I finish editing my Galatians commentary which will take another 2 months or so. It's tough going this writing business. Yesterday, I managed to edit only about 10 pages because I was occupied with the above Conferences. It's been 6 years, and next year it will be 7 years since I presented two papers at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. Due to the pandemic my Conference attendance has been scarce. But there is a time for everything. Three years ago, I did not have a single book besides my published disseration on Revelation (2005), but now I might be publishing my fourth book in 3 years. It's a productive time, only God can inspire to write what is needed and provide all that is necessary for publication. Only Christ's name be praised.

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