Monday, October 3, 2022

Queen of the Sciences (Theology & Law)

From the Reformation or before that in the medieval age to about 18th century AD, theology is considered the queen of the sciences, the highest tertiary training one can get. After theology is law and only much later Medicine came to be ranked among the three most pretigious University degree qualifications. Luther trained as a lawyer before he turned into theology after the fateful vow he made when he feared for his life at a thunderstorm. Calvin's education was the reverse as he pursued law all the way before basically self taught himself theology while Luther held a formal doctoral degree in theology.

Law is an incredible training ground for theology as far as I am concerned. I realize the way I study th text in detail and weighing of all evidence must have come from my legal background. It is hard not to be affected by law because I was in it for 12 years, 6 years in study and 6 years in practice. I stopped halfway in my second year and repeated all the 2nd year papers in my third year. It was God's calling in my life to be tested like Abraham whether I was willing to give up my most precious possession at that time, namely my nascent academic career. 

So 12 years of law prepared me for the study of theology first informally and then, formally. I shared with my NT class in Singapore that I have read commentaries on all the books of the Bible except Revelation before entering my first year academic study. It is God's gift to me, the gift of reading, the gift of speed reading, and above all the love of the Bible. 

Why did I start writing only when I turned 55 except for my published dissertation when I was 41 years old? There is a time for everything. My 6 years in Singapore I would consider like obtaining a 2nd PhD because of the number of books and journal articles I read. Easily 5 extra books a week besides those I read for my lecture preparation. I have enough ammunition to write and comment for the next 5 years but as knowledge increases by the year, I can't wait to locate myself near a good library to replenish my knowledge of theology, the queen of the sciences.

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