Sunday, January 1, 2023

Four-fold Purpose

I have multiple reasons for going to Sandakan. First, to attend my niece’s wedding, some of whom nephews and nieces I have not known since I entered ministry 28 years ago. Second, to visit my auntie who had been ill and hospitalised for 7 weeks and God answered my prayers for her. She was near death and we feared we would not see her alive again. Her joy and tears in seeing me were worth my trip and all the expenses paid, air tickets and two night hotel accommodation.

Third, selling my books in the churches, but the two visitors bought my books and members of the church seemed cool towards reading. I guess in Sandakan there are many Indonesian workers and maids and even RM40.00 may be expensive for them. I told the hosting elder that I will collect any unsold books next May when I come visit Sandakan again, God willing. Fourth, and perhaps the most important reason is preaching God’s Word on New Year’s Day from 2 Cor 3:18. I did not realize that I had preached close to an hour when I stopped. I spoke about three main themes from 2 Cor chapter 3. In all 18 verses if I had wanted to expound verse by verse it may take a series of sermons over 4 weeks. Paul expects his Corinthian gentile converts to be conversant with OT Scripture and the history of Israel as recorded in the Bible. What a powerful chapter. It was my fourth week preaching and next Saturday would be my last in these series of Christmas and New Year’s sermons. I had turned down two invitations to preach this month as I wanted to rest and seek the Lord, per chance I am inspired to start a new book, though humanly that would be the last thing I want to do.

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