Saturday, January 28, 2023

My steps are ordered by You, Lord

I have set my house in order. I leave without regrets. Though it seems I have spent my strength for nought, my judgement is with God and He will reward me according to my works, what I have done in His Name in sincerity and truth. My legacy is also secure. Two bookstores in a major Mall in Kota Kinabalu sell my books, all four of them and the fifth, actually my first could be purchased from Amazon. If they want to enquire what I have taught and what I have believed they can read my two books in Malay.

Those who read English can read my other two English books. I have taken steps to advance the ministry that I had received from the Lord. I cannot let my calling and gifts go to waste. I have many options to choose. I have waited for a long time for God’s will. Now my book on Galatians is safely lodged in the public sphere of a good bookshop I am ready to make my next move. God willing, it will be all clear in His time for the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, though he falls seven times he shall not be cast out. 

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