Monday, January 23, 2023

New Year Brings New Things

I have practically made my mind during New Year's Eve reunion dinner. None of my brothers and their wives asked me what I was doing. It was as good as a family reunion as possible with my youngest brother back from Sydney with his wife and son and only his daughter was missing from the full line up of the Siew family. Now my mother is the matriarch and I am the oldest surviving son of my late father. Even when we took the siblings' photo with our mum, I sat with my mum while my brothers stood behind. I told them I represented "dad" or "papa" and the Siew clan.

As I was preaching on New Year's Day which was yesterday, I did not stay long at my brother's place and took my leave before 9pm and by 10.30pm I went to bed and got up by 4am on Sunday. I was ready to preach two Sundays ago, but it was an ideal start for the year as I preached in two New Year on the 1st Jan and yesterday during the Lunar New Year. I preached for 42 mins without breaking sweat as the Spirit bore me along throughout the sermon. It was a "shorter sermon" for me as I saw visitors and realised that they might not be used to longish SIB sermons. I still get comments from church members that some pastors and elders preach for too long (like 1 hour and 5 mins) in various places. But as for me, I am ready to make a change. I told the congregation that in March I probably have something to tell them. God will open doors for me and when I decide something, it shall be established for me (Job 22:28). 

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