Monday, April 24, 2023

First Love

Forty-one (41) years ago the Lord Jesus appeared to me in my room at Ilam Flats Canterbury University Christchurch.  For the past 40 years and 28 years of full time ministry I hardly ever spoke about my encounter with Christ except in broad terms. But since last year, I felt I should share what the Lord has done in my life in the hope that my story could persuade a few others to believe in Jesus Christ. Before I knew what was happening that fateful night, I was kneeling in my room, weeping. First I had a sense of guilt for my sins and I wept tears of repentance. All the while as I was kneeling and weeping I sensed a divine holy presence in my room all around me.

As I wept I saw the form of Christ just above me and he spoke to me, saying “I am alive. I have died for your sins.” At the hearing of His voice, I wept even more but now I sensed that God had forgiven my sins and my burden of guilt was removed. My tears of sorrows turned to joy as the love of God was poured out into my heart, though it was only a few days later when I bought my first Bible that I knew what I experienced tallied with Romans 5:5 and Galatians 2. It must have been close to two hours as I lost track of time but it would have been past midnight and the next morning I got up at 4am and every morning at 4am for the next two months until 24th June 1982. All I knew in the first 48 or 72 hours is that I could sense the Lord Jesus seated next to me on my bed as I got up to pray and worship Him. After this initial encounter I bought my first Bible, a Thompson Chain King James Version. For the next two months I read the Bible more than my necessary food and spent hardly anytime reading my law books as from 4am to late at night I would be praying, singing, worshipping and reading the Bible. That was my first love. 

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