Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Promoting my Books

I have been given a new impetus to promote my books. First, Impact Magazine in Singapore wrote a brief but excellent review of my book, Departure Points which I will incorporate into my promotion materials in the near future. Second, my Galatians' commentary are still receiving orders from buyers and I myself am reading it for the third time since I published it last December. I thought about it and it was on offer for RM40.00 and it is filled with knowledge of Paul's theology, history, and exegesis of every verse in the book of Galatians. Where can one find something so precious as God's Word explained in RM40.00? For pastors, I just sold a copy for RM35.00 and that was inclusive of RM10.00 for mail charges. Without decades of learning and experiencing the truth of God's Word I would not dare write or commentate on any biblical book. It is my third commentary and due to busyness of preaching I have not done much writing at all in the past 4 months. I will see whether my circumstances will change once I am settled into teaching full-time. The library is a stone's throw from my College apartment just like the time when I was in TTC, Singapore. There in Singapore I probably read more than 300 books in 6 years but now I will write, read and write as there is a time for everything.

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