Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Second Half of my Ministry has just Begun

I am filled with joy and hope by the Holy Spirit. Two days ago, I renewed my passport and I was praying to the Lord in my car, asking the Lord what He would want to do in the 5 years of my passport's validity. Just as I prayed I heard a voice spoke and said, "I will open doors of ministry for you outside of Sabah". Late in the afternoon after I came back from the passport office, I checked my email and received an invitation to speak in a church in West Malaysia. In my spirit, I was asking whether the Lord's word to me at noon is now being fulfilled.

Yesterday, confirmation came that it was indeed God's will that I should spread my wings and will minister outside of Sabah often in the next few years. I received another invitation to teach an intensive course in a Seminary outside of Sabah. On Thursday I received news from my Seminary of the courses that I would be offering in the 2nd Semester starting in July. But I shall be moving into College's accommodation on the 1st June, God willing to prepare for this new teaching ministry. With what had just happened within the past 48 hours, I felt the second half of my ministry had just begun. And I will serve more than 20 years in this second half my life. I do not foresee retirement in the foreseeable future and by God's grace, I will serve Him till the last breath of my life. 

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