Monday, April 10, 2023

At the side of the Mountain

I slept two days at the side of Mount Kinabalu when at the top of the mountain there was frost and ice sheet and temperatures fell to -4 degree Celsius. But where I was, the temperature was probably only 14 or 15 degree Celsius yet by 2am I felt the chill and right through the morning. It was as intense a ministry as it could be. My former student who is now the pastor of the church who invited me and one elder noted that our relationship is like Paul and Timothy. I know I have to let the younger ones do the heavy lifting; the travelling does not do much good to me nowadays, especially like this Good Friday weekend, I had to drive to and fro from the church which was down in a steep valley 5kms from the main road. From my homestay it was only less than 10kms but driving in pitch darkness on roads not familiar was not for the faint hearted and I did that over two nights of ministry.

So when I drove from the church exactly 12 noon I felt a sense of relief but with great joy as I saw many were blessed. Even just an hour or so ago, one church member commented on my you-tube channel about the Sunday's sermon which she heard live in church. I spoke for more than 2 and a half hours on Saturday night with 90 mins' lecture and then followed by one hour of Q & A. But I realised like David, one had to suffer hardships in order to advance the cause of the kingdom. I hardly slept for more than three hours on Saturday night having fallen asleep probably at 1am and then got up at 4am sharp. But I could still preach with the anointing bearing me along full of energy and enthusiasm. And my sermon lasted for 56 minutes. Only in God is my competence and adequacy. No man can claim anything for himself except God has given. I pray that many Timothys will rise up in a few years' time to take the reins and become itinerant preachers and teachers of God's Word to edify His people and Christ's church. 

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