Friday, April 21, 2023

Looking to what lies Ahead (Phil 3:13)

Paul, the apostle has this great advice to forget what lies behind and press on and look forward to what lies in the future. The past is past and there is nothing we can do about it. No regrets, no remorse or however much reflection will change what has happened in the past. Man's heart is desperately wicked and no matter what one does, one can only look after one's heart and pray for the betterment of others. Quite often it is beyond our powers to change things, let alone the hearts of men.

Yesterday, I spoke with a good friend of 25 years who is still active in ministry. And both of us concluded that men's hearts are so difficult to gauge and fathom. Even among so-called Christian leaders. We expect as they rise to positions of authority since they are spiritual leaders, they become more spiritual and more humble in the station which the Lord has put them in. But alas, most of whom that we know, some for more than 20 years, people actually behave more and more worldly, according to the flesh rather to showing Christ-like character and bearing fruits of the flesh. Why is there so much conflict, jealousy, envy, hatred among brothers, if not for these unspiritual people whom Paul said only bring division? And we do well to avoid such of these. 

Now I will strive to look to what lies ahead which is a new ministry in Kota Kinabalu, my adopted home town since 1988. It is the capital city. If we impact the city, we impact the whole State and through Sabah, I pray that revival will come throughout Malaysia. We are the head (literally, Sabah is shaped as a head of an animal) and not the tail. We are in the East where the light shines from East to West even as our Lord has said.

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