Monday, April 3, 2023

God is Faithful

My life and ministry began again last year on the 1st May 2022 when all Covid-19 restrictions were lifted by the government of Malaysia. A week after the announcement in mid April I was invited by my former church in Ranau to preach on Mother's Day which was the 2nd Sunday in May. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of ministry of preaching and teaching. Only one church closed its doors and since then, they suffered more than 50% membership or attendance drop. But 10 churches opened its doors and invited me to preach. This Good Friday will be the 11th church in Sabah and plus the church in Lawas, Sarawak I had preached in 12 churches, an average of a new church each month. God is faithful. The Lord spoke to me mid-April 2022 thus: "Son, you will preach every month." And God is faithful to His Word. Yesterday, I did not preach but three or four leaders told me that if they knew I was coming or even if they saw me before the preacher went up to the pulpit, they would have asked me to preach on the spot. I am glad I walked into the church a few minutes after the sermon had started and I apologised to the speaker and the congregation for being a distraction. The service literally stopped for a couple of minutes as they greeted me and took me to the front seat all on my own since the pastor in charge was a mission to promote a forthcoming revival meetings in another church. 

God is faithful. It is not that I had survived on honorarium for my ministry since May 2022, but much more than that, I received love gifts out of the blue. Yesterday, two members gave me a sum of money. I only spoke for two minutes and it was a testimony of how I conducted a bible study during the pandemic for the young teenagers for 17 months using the gospel of John's commentary which I wrote in Malay.  A pastor or an elder who reads (not every leader reads, sad to say) and can digest my book written in simple Malay and use whatever written therein for the youths and even adults. Sentence by sentence, concept by concept or the Bible says, "precept by precept" they can use my book to teach. Now I have written Galatians' commentary in Malay as well. But God uses both books for His glory. 

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