Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Today is the beginning of the 6th month, almost half a year is past. In the past 3 months I have concluded two ministries, my Ranau pastorate in early March and now my appointment as Acting Principal of our Bible College. In 5 months much has been done and there will be 7 more months before the end of the year. I can't wait for my Long Mio meeting this Friday weekend so that when it is finished I will head back to College to hand over my duties to the incoming Principal. They will probably have to locate a space for me somewhere if I should stay on as lecturer. My books alone will occupy some space.
After that a 5-day intensive module on church growth where I shall examine 7 dynamics of the early church that made it grow as fast as it did despite the odds of persecution and poverty. Straight after the MA course I will travel to a town where I will conduct a day long seminar for men in one of our biggest churches in Sabah. Father's Day will be celebrated in my home church in KK unless I decide I need to head back to College after the men's retreat and seminar. Then I have one week to prepare for my two courses that I will teach in the new Semester, "Synoptic Gospels and Acts" for 2nd year class and "Johannine theology" for 3rd and 4th year combined classes. Now that the burden of leadership is lifted I might even start an English Book Club (EBC) for students that can speak English moderately but desire to improve and practise their speaking and writing skills. And by the middle of the first week of the new Semester I will have to come down to KK for my Seoul trip where I shall be presenting two papers, conceived in my heart and mind but not a single word has been written. Lord have mercy on me.

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