Sunday, June 12, 2016

Preaching Season Ends

I thought my preaching season ended last Sunday. But today unexpectedly I was called upon to preach as we visited the nearest SIB church from the College. I must have preached a longish message on 2 Tim 3,1-5. The topic given to me was the 25 spiritual cancers that kill faith. What a title! I got through about half the list and I took about 55 minutes. But I felt the Spirit strong and I made sure everyone heard what the Lord wanted said to His people. My students presented a hymn, a catchy tune and I think the church appreciated that. Today's service was rather sad and solemn as one church member suffered a serious car accident just near Ranau.
He must have fallen asleep on the wheels at 4.30am and crashed into an oncoming lorry. I am glad before that I reminded my passenger to fasten her safety belt even on a 3 minute journey. After the service I met a former student of my Melangkap years in 1994. She is now a mother of two and she was pleased to see me and enquired after my wife. Old friends are better than new friends, though in the past few days I have wonderful fellowship with final year students who remain on the Campus to write their BTh theses. For several nights we dined together. We rehearsed the song we sang. During term, with about 50 students eating in the dining hall it was difficult to get to know them close up. No wonder Jesus only had 12 disciples. That's why smaller groups are important for group cohesion and for friendship and loyalty to be developed. I hope these 6 or 7 students will remain my good friends wherever they will be posted for ministry at the end of the year. They have served their teacher well and kept my spirits up in the past days of personal turmoil and uncertainty. But today I sensed God has heard my prayers. My gift in preaching is strong as ever and may the gift of leadership also come to use in the Lord's time. Praise be unto God for his abundant grace and mercy.

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