Dynamics of Church Growth

My course on church growth is about to end. I shall be giving two final lectures tonight on signs and wonders and then summing up the dynamics of church growth. For the past 4 days, I have lectured on leadership, the Holy Spirit, prayers, fellowship, charity and this morning on the apostles' message based on Peter's 4 sermons and speeches in Acts 2 to 5. About 20 students are doing it on credit and another 6 of my 4th year BTh students are auditing it and I am pleased that they have attended every session. What makes the early church to grow? There are at least 7 dynamics at work and really all are essential for the growth of the church in numbers and spiritual well being.
After tomorrow's final discussion where students are graded over 20% I will take a break on Saturday. I don't know when I am heading back to KK. I am thinking of attending my former Ranau church services on Sunday being Father's Day. Then I will go down to KK to write my 2 papers for Seoul before flying off for holidays in Singapore and attending a wedding. By the time I return to Sabah Sunday week, the new Semester starts the next day and I will probably drive up to Namaus in the wee hours of the morning.


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