Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Singapore & Seoul

I might have written my previous post one day early, Today was the longest day in my life. I was preoccupied with meeting my HQ leaders and then lunch with my good friend in town. I was supposed to write my two papers in earnest but alas so many things just needed my attention and mentally and emotionally I was too tired to do anything else but reflect on the events of the past couple of days. Indeed the king's heart is turned by the Lord like the waters of a mighty rivers. No one could boast about tomorrow. Yesterday morning when I was driving down from Ranau I was pretty certain about what my next 6 months would look like but within 24 hours, my longest day everything has changed and all are up for grabs. As they say the only certainty is uncertainty and more uncertainty. Perhaps the Lord is testing my faith and like before I had to cast myself unto him for it is good to trust in the Lord and not in princes. Yet I am glad that in the next few days I would have a change of environment. I am heading to Singapore.
All 4 or 5 friends I contacted all responded by whatsapp or sms within the minute, in fact all but one within seconds. I will spend my time in Singapore among good friends for a change. It will be a breath of fresh air instead of waiting for months for my letter and when it came today turned out to be different than I thought.  After Singapore it will be Seoul and even if I could not go finish my papers I promise to enjoy myself there with my wife. My friend over lunch told me that I needed a vacation and that was the understatement of the year.

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