English Club & Books

I preached a sermon last week on "Returning to your First Love" (Rev 2). I realised how difficult it was to preach deep and profound topics such as these but yet it is foundational for Christian life and growth. I must walk the talk. When I was first converted I got up at 4am every morning for 2 months and then perhaps 5am for the first year or so. Now I get up often before 4am to praise and pray to the Lord. I feel the Lord near and I have wonderful time of communion when the tent of the Lord is with me as Job would say. In 7 hours I will relinquish my duties as AP but will remain as lecturer. Besides teaching I will start (by God's grace) English Club & Books (ECB) and praise God that 5 students have signed up.
We hope to have 8 students so that with me it will be altogether 9. In the third segment of the ECB we will break into small groups of three and we will have light conversations in English. My students are indigenous peoples of Borneo though they learned English at school since Primary 1, but very few speak the language let alone read books in English. Last night we had a get together with students on Campus and they joked about celebrating the "last supper" with their Acting Principal. Soon it will be over and God will use me as He wills even in greater works for if we believe, then we will do the works Jesus did (John 14).


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