Saturday, June 25, 2016

Between Singapore & Sabah

I have been in Singapore now for 40 hours. A flood of memories came back to me, flowing from Sabah to Singapore and Singapore to Sabah. I had time to reflect in the past 2 days the events of the past 5 months in Sabah. In terms of receptivity of God's Word Singapore is a breath of fresh air. All the friends I contacted did not disappoint and they proved to be a real encouragement to me. I did not have time to put my feet up when I checked into my hotel room as my Anglican friend was already waiting for me to take me to dinner and then brought me to his church for a prayer meeting where I shared God's Word for 30 minutes and prayed with them. Yesterday I met up with 3 close friends within the span of several hours. I was touched by their hospitality and making time and taking efforts in coming to me and making sure I felt welcome in their midst.
My good friend, a lawyer texted me and he said you have the honour of being my first guest. He is moving house and yesterday I saw how the wealthy in Singapore lived. Wealth is neither good nor bad; it is a matter of our attitude and use of wealth that is important. I have met with many wealthy people who are humble and many poor people who are proud and conceited. I have met with rich people who would not think of giving a cent to anyone even for a good cause and those who are not so wealthy but yet give of their wealth for the Lord's work and glory. Last night my friend asked me whether I should consider working with more cosmopolitan people like herself and others. My answer would be yes because the struggle working with others who are not in the same mind set and mentality is often a mountain to steep to climb. Many years ago my Kiwi friend told me this. I still remember it well. Tony, you must go to a place where you will find intelletual compatibility. So I have no hesitation in returning to Singapore though when I went back to Sabah two years ago I wanted to serve out the rest of my years in the land below the wind.

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