One Chapter Ends

Today was supposed to be the end of another chapter in my life and ministry. If my term of service were not extended I would have moved out of my room at the end of my MA module which ended this afternoon. The Executive Council came two days ago and chaired a meeting on the proposed academic block of faculty offices and classrooms. They did not say a word about my ministry here at College during the meeting but after the meeting the Vice President took me aside and asked whether I had received the letter of appointment. Communications or slow mails seem to be a problem here with letters sometimes taking weeks rather than days to get to their recipients. But since I am going down to KK next Monday I will head to the HQ office and hopefully the letter is there to be collected. Fingers crossed.
One church growth dynamic was hospitality and I have been a recipient of generous hospitality by final-year students staying on Campus during the Semester break. Without them, meals would become a drudgery for who wants to eat on his own. Did not Jesus say, "Come and dine with me" and also "I will come in and sup with you and you with me" (Rev 3:20). They have a good cheer and our conversations sometimes lasting for an hour or more. Over lunch today, one student asked me about the conduct of the Lord's communion whether it could be a private or family affair. Another question whether the Holy Communion could be conducted in cell groups. I had lectured much in the past 5 days and all six 4th-year students attended all the lectures. Two of them even came this morning for the final discussion for those taking the module for credit. And they were much blessed to hear senior pastors and elders sharing their testimonies and how the course had impacted their lives. As a teacher, there is no greater joy than when students not only appreciate what is being taught but above all putting it into practice and bearing fruits for the glory of God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy than to see my children walk in truth (1 John).


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    1. Di Singapore, semua kawan kawan respond dgn Segera bila mereka tahu sy dtg, di Sabah pula berbulan bulan tunggu bayanganpun tiada....😓


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