Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sadness & Solace

Things happened so quickly that I was glad I could somewhat escape the heat of battle by running off to Singapore for a couple of days. On Wednesday I informed my colleagues I won't be staying on at College and communicated with them throughout the day. On Thursday I broke the news to the student body by writing to a student in the College whatsapp group like Paul to Timothy but meant to be read by all. By night fall as I was preaching in Singapore but messages kept coming in until early hours of Friday morning. Today it reached a peak as students returned to College for the 2nd Semester starting tomorrow with an opening Sunday service.
Some students only found today through their friends that I would not be staying on and a host of questions were directed at me, "why sir, didaskale Tony?" I tried to respond to each and every one of the messages but asked that whatever I shared remained confidential. Most expressed sadness over my quitting and I found solace in their love and expressions of support and prayers. Yet most people know why I chose to leave; it is an open secret. I told my colleagues that my vision for the College could not be carried out if I were just a lecturer. All that was achieved in the past Semester could be summed up as the title of my write up for the 2nd edition of College magazine Leading Change. I commit to the Lord what I have done and may it bear lasting fruits for the glory of his name.

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