Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting Work Done Early

Sitting at my office just past 7am this morning I went about continuing my notes on Dynamics of church growth. My office is a small little store room for robes and gowns and other College items. But I managed to make it look like an office with a table and a bookshelf and that's fine with me. If there is not enough space I just put my books in the main shelves out there. Today being my last day in office as Acting Principal I will host a dinner for a few staff and students who have returned early to Campus. It will be about 10 people and I trust it will be a meaningful night for all concerned.
I have received many well wishes from colleagues and students when they knew I was staying on as lecturer. It is new territory for me since leadership is no longer in my hands and what I put through last Semester will be tested to see they come to fruition. I wish I could make a new start elsewhere but the need for Bible teaching is desperate here with few students knowing much of the Bible yet graduating as pastors in a few months' time. Moreover the push for learning English to read theology will die a quick death if I am not around to bring this proposed English Book Club to pass. Only one student signed up and when the others return to campus I hope to sign up another 6. If there are 7 students we will make a run for it. Likewise Greek teaching is in even worse shape. Only a handful out of 30 students passed my absolute beginners' Greek class. And next year I will start teaching first year students from the start, alpha beta gamma,,...line upon line, precept upon precept...

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