Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wedding in Singapore

It is likely I shall be making my first trip to Singapore next week in almost 2 years. My former student has invited me to his wedding at a Methodist church, probably the 4th wedding invitation from my Singaporean students in the past 18 months. But this time I am going because this student was one of my closest friends at College. He took most of the electives at TTC and I remember he proudly showed the book on Revelation that I wrote (costs US160.00) which he purchased online. Further, I think there will be many other students present. My last batch of NT 1 students in 2014 have graduated last month and it will be wonderful to see some of them again at the wedding. Jesus probably attended many weddings in his 3 years of ministry besides the one that opened the account in John's Gospel - the famous Cana wedding's miracle of water turned into wine. There is something special about weddings.

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