Thursday, June 30, 2016

Grown Wings

I almost got my wings clipped. But being free like a bird it is for a little while and now I am flying again. Having not flown for 20 months suddenly I am flying for the 2nd time in 4 days. Destination Hong Kong and Seoul. It is good for the soul for me to be away. Emotions are still raw. Only last night barely a day I left College a couple of students sent heartfelt messages, "we miss you gr". To detach myself from the community I exited the MTS group sooner than I would like as I mentioned in my farewell address I would like to post my Korean photos but last night I decided otherwise.  I needed to be free emotionally to do what I believe what I think God wants me to do. Emotions can be a good thing, love, sadness, fondness but feelings can be ropes that bind thus scripture says, guard your heart with all diligence for from it flows issues of life. My lawyer friend who came up to College recorded my farewell speech in its entirety.
19 mins long, twice as long as I thought I would speak but I had warned my listeners that it would be long since it was my last message to the College. Thank God I was not like Paul who had spoken for hours until past midnight that led to someone falling asleep and falling from a window dead. I am no speech maker but when I listened to my recorded words I myself felt the impact of the address. No wonder one senior student told me over lunch that he felt weak when he listened to me. The MC half way had to sit down either because I was speaking far too long or probably because I gave her a stare when I thought I heard sounds like sobs or sneezing behind me. But she quickly recovered her composure and she is a great talent and remains one of my favourite students. One paper is almost ready and I shall be writing the 2nd one in the air from KK to Hong Kong all the way to Seoul. But the time I land I trust my 2 papers are ready and I can enjoy my Congress and sight seeing around Seoul for a couple of days.

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