Monday, June 20, 2016

Hunger & Sleeplessness

Paul the apostle listed many sufferings he had to endure in his apostleship and mission journeying. Most of which I have no inkling about like prisons, whipping, etc. But I got to know about hunger and sleeplessness. When I was in Long Mio right in the midst of the jungle, I suffered hunger several times. When I reached there with an empty stomach and dinner came only 5 hours later. Before I preached and after I could rarely eat much and thus lose weight.  In my 5 days of intensive module I could not eat much for the pressure of teaching for 6 hours a day. I lost weight. In my busyness travelling and changing from one place to another I sometimes go without food for half a day or longer. I know what it is to be famished. And how often in the past weeks and perhaps months I got up at 3am and sometimes did not catch any sleep until late afternoon even then for 30 mins or so.
I probably slept less than I ever sleep before. For hours I feel GOD is wanting to say something in the early hours of the morning though I have not figured out what it is. My emotions were all stirred and shaken when I went back to my former church in Ranau. I was touched by the welcome I received as if I never left. I had the honour of cutting the Father's Day cake with the elders and deacons. A few members gave me a big hug and one old widow embraced me. I was given two servings of everything.  Twice I was offered cakes and sweets. But I could not eat but a little.  Now I know what it is to go hungry and without sleep for the sake of the Gospel. May Christ's Name be praised.

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