Thursday, March 5, 2015

Prayer Conference

We had 5am dawn prayer meetings on consecutive days during our ongoing Prayer Conference. For the second time, I had the honour of speaking before all our pastors and senior leaders. It was good to be back in the fold. I spoke about all things are possible for him who believes (Mark 10,27) and another two passages from Mark 9 and 14. I challenged our leaders to have faith in God and not in men. Mark's Gospel being the shortest of all Gospels contains 3 sayings that with God there is nothing impossible. I shared how I built a ministry centre purely by faith through prayers. I spoke against fund raising dinners instead we should pray and fast. I spoke against faith pledges and against asking for men's help. For there is nothing impossible with God. I spoke about giving up everything for Jesus like Peter and beware of riches for how hard it is for those with riches enter the kingdom of heaven (Mark 10,26-27). I spoke about following Christ in his sufferings though it was possible for God to take away the cup of sufferings Jesus embraced the cross because he knew it was God's will.
I shared a bit humour how as an urban person I found it difficult adapting to rural Ranau. After a few cold showers I felt sick and how the church elders took pity on me and fixed a water heater in the pastor's house. I drew some laughter but comforted my fellow pastors who had to suffer much more than me with low pay and no water heater but yet they are faithful. For great shall be their reward in heaven.

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